Bonnie Tyler and Crystal Ball

Don Dokken and Mark Sweeney in Paris

Fernando Garcia (Ex-Victory) and Mark Sweeney

Iron Savior and Crystal Ball in Italy

John Norum (Europe) and Mark Sweeney in Salzburg

Doro and Mark in Stuttgart

Doro and Mark in Stuttgart

Robin Beck and Mark Sweeney after hard work for the duet "Moments" in Frankfurt

U.D.O. and Crystal Ball rocking East Europe

Ronnie Atkins from Pretty Maids and Mark Sweeney in Ulm

Dani Beck (Swiss Television) and Mark Sweeney

Marks duet partner PEARL for a great ballade on ALL IN

Joerg Michael from Stratovarius and Mark after the drum session

Igor from U.D.O. and Mark

Jeff Scott Soto sung a part on Marks new project "Wolfpakk"

With Marc Storace (Krokus)

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